Registration for OCP10 is now open. The registration fees will be as follows:

Until December 31, 2012 As of January 1, 2013
Full price 85 Euros 100 Euros
Reduced price (students) 55 Euros 65 Euros

In order to register, please go to to our registration application, but please read the following instructions first:

The link above will take you to our online application where you can register online and pay by credit card. (The connection is secure.) Before you can login, you will need to create an account (by clicking on "Create a new account"). If you are a student, make the appropriate selection under "profession title", otherwise you won't be eligible for the reduced fee!

Once you have logged in, click on "Payment" to register for the conference.

When registering for the conference, you also have the option of booking lunch, either for all or only selected days. (We also offer a vegetarian option.) Since the OCP is mid-January, some/many of the food places on campus might be closed already (but nothing is clear now, unfortunately), and the nearest places where to get food outside of campus are a 10--15 minute walk away -- uphill. In order to book lunch, click on "Payment" (top of the page) and select the days for which you want to have lunch. (The price is 12.50 Euros/lunch.) If you do not want lunch, just leave the boxes unticked und proceed by clicking "Continue".

Our registration tool also allows you to book a hotel. This is completely optional, you are not required to book a hotel through our page. January is not a peak season for tourists in Istanbul, so you should not have problems booking a hotel on your own. Notice however that we are collaborating with a travel agency and that we can offer you reduced rates. In order to book a hotel, click on "Accomodation". There you can select 3 hotels according to your preference. Our travel agency will then get in touch with you about further details.

Below some information about the different parts of town where the hotels are located. (Pictures of the hotels will be added in our registration tool shortly.)

The major transportation hub on the European side of Istanbul. Easy to reach from the airport, easy to go to Boğaziçi from, lots of restaurants, bars etc. Google maps.
Close to the railway station where the Orient Express had its terminus. Part of the Old Town. All major sights in the vicinity, but a bit more difficult to get to Boğaziçi. Google maps.
Somewhat posh neighbourhood right by the Bosphorus. Closer to Boğaziçi, but no good connection by public transport, i.e. you will depend on taxis. Google maps.
Part of the financial district of Istanbul. Not exactly charming as a neighbourhood, but both Taksim and Boğaziçi are easy to reach. Google maps.
Taksim/Pera Area
South of Taksim. Somewhat "in". Will require a journey on foot of about 20 minutes in order to get to Taksim (and catch a bus to Boğaziçi). Google maps.
Closer to Boğaziçi than Taksim. Good bus connections. Nice residential area next to the Bosphorus. Google maps.
Right next to Boğaziçi, very upper class. Boğaziçi is close, but everything else is far. Google maps.
4. Levent
Residential area at the northern end of the financial district. Not particularly charming but relatively close to Boğaziçi. Direct underground connection to Taksim. Google maps.